Daniel Clayton Daniel Clayton

Rooted Leader

House Churches provide an arena for participants to intentionally and faithfully live out the way of Jesus in community. Rooted Leaders will create environments for honest conversation, prayer, meaningful service, and—ultimately—transformation.

South Church Community Life

Rooted Leaders will be provided with resources, training, and options for how to best facilitate their group. Leaders will be able to choose some particulars of their group [e.g., meeting schedule; with or without children; demographic; location] as well as particular focus or use of time within the group. Periodic training and team-building with other leaders and staff will be a critical part of the Rooted Leader’s experience, as well. Recognizing it takes time to build a safe and sacred space such as this, the commitment is in one-year increments. [New groups begin in September and meet regularly through May. Less frequent meetings in the summer with on-and-off-ramps the following September.]

A successful Rooted leader is a relational leader who displays spiritual commitment, emotional intelligence, capacity for engaging others, and facilitating discussion. An application process and some initial leadership orientation/training are also required.

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